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High-Fiber Chocolate Zucchini Muffins with NutraCleanse™

Looking for a healthy, high-fibre, kid-friendly recipe that you can send to school with your kids? Our adapted version of this awesome muffin recipe created by Natalie Browne of Kitchen, Uncorked is incredible. The muffins are low in sugar, totally vegan, and super high in both fiber and taste. Fiber is SO important to one’s health. It’s essential to help keep digestive issues at […]

Flax + Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe

Guys. Every time we feel like we’ve nailed another high-fibre recipe down, we come up with another one. A tastier one. A muffin recipe that includes sweet potatoes and NutraCleanse™. Yup. Adapted from a muffin recipe we found in Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, It’s All Good, we tweaked a few things and discovered something super tasty. […]

Prioritizing Wellness with NutraCleanse™

Wellness: isn’t is strange how we’re all ready and willing to pay top dollar for our favourite bottle of wine or the sports package on TV or a vacation, but we balk at the price of gym memberships and health food? Investing in your own health is the best investment you can possibly make; if you’re […]

How to Start Your Day with NutraCleanse™

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day Breakfast is usually considered the most important meal of the day, and NutraCleanse™ is the nutritious solution to your morning hustle. It gives you the extra pump of energy and vitality that you need to flawlessly carry and project your best self throughout your entire day! Giving […]

4 Reasons to Start Using NutraCleanse™ in the New Year

January is a month of resolutions, and everyone’s making them. If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthier, then NutraCleanse™ can help. Here are 4 reasons to make NutraCleanse™ part of your healthy living resolution in 2018: Post-Holiday Detox Let’s face it: after weeks on end of sugar, booze, and general overeating, we need […]

3 NutraCleanse™ Recipes for Winter

We know smoothies are hard to wrap your brain around when it’s cold and wet outside. Since mixing NutraCleanse™ into a smoothie is our customers’ preferred way of incorporating our product into their diet, we thought we’d offer more options that are more realistic for the current season. Here are 3 gluten-free winter recipes that […]

How to Use NutraCleanse™ in Your Holiday Baking

Planning on doing some holiday baking or making pancakes or cinnamon buns on Christmas morning? We have a way to make these yummy dishes healthier: use flax eggs instead of regular ones! For those of us who are vegan, have high cholesterol, or perhaps just simply don’t have enough eggs to bake with, we have […]

Holiday Baking Recipes with NutraCleanse™

Friends. By now you’ve probably received your annual invitation to the cookie exchange next door, or maybe your kids are participating in their upcoming annual bake sale at the school for a holiday fundraiser. Both come just in time for the holidays, which is a good time to stock up on a tin (or ten!) […]

Ways to Keep Healthy During the Holiday Season

Once November rolls around, we all kind of begin to let loose where food and beverages are concerned. But why? To make our January harder? To increase our chances of contracting viruses and the flu by shattering our immune system? To follow the masses into the popular (but silly), unhealthy winter eating pattern? Don’t do […]

Gluten-Free Grains for the Holidays

Holiday Cooking and Baking, Sans Gluten The fall and winter months tend to bring along a whole new style of eating (well, for most of us, anyway). We’re not eating the juicy fresh fruits and fresh garden salads as much, but bring on the warm baked goods and hearty pasta dishes. Holiday cooking is very […]