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We feel NutraCleanse™ is safe for children over the age of four years old. To inquire about children younger than four years, we recommend you discuss NutraCleanse™ with your family doctor.

It’s important to note that our product is comprised of pure, safe ingredients. These include flax seed, dandelion root powder, burdock root powder, fenugreek seed powder, and psyllium husks.


Looking for some sneaky ways to slip a little NutraCleanse™ into your child’s diet? Try adding a tablespoon of our product to smoothies and/or milkshakes, or substituting a ¼ cup of flour for NutraCleanse™ when baking muffins or making pancakes. You can also add a tablespoon of our product to your child’s oatmeal.

If you come across a brilliant way to incorporate NutraCleanse™ into your child’s daily bites, let us know! We love to share our customers’ tips.

If you have any more questions about our product, we suggest glancing at our FAQ page.